Make a claim

make a claim

Our VPIS in-house claims team is here to help you Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm.

If you would like to notify us of a claim, or a potential claim, please contact us as soon as possible at or call us on 04 495 1143. We will also assist you with communications with your client.

What to do when things go wrong: more information.

Are your veterinarians registered, with current annual practising certificates? (APCs)

It might seem like a given that all your vets maintain their registrations and APCs, but it could be worth checking.

Your VPIS policy excludes cover for claims arising from an insured veterinarian’s actions (or advice) when they did not hold a practising certificate.

So please take a moment to check with your team now and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Practising conditions

Related to this, we also need to know if any veterinarians have practising conditions, as these too could affect the conditions of cover.

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