Insurance Renewal for 2022-23

We are genuinely sorry for the delay starting this year's renewal.

The insurance portal is open now. Please check your emails, and possibly your spam folder, for the email inviting you to renew your insurance.

Please Note: Crombie Lockwood are currently experiencing higher than normal email and phone call volumes. Therefore they will endeavour to respond to emails within 10 working days.  If your matter is urgent please call 04 495 1143 or email info@vpis.org.nz

Claims: And also, please let us know if you become aware of a potential or an actual claim in the meantime

Equine PPE Blue Book -
2021 is the current version

Veterinary Professional Insurance Society (VPIS) was established in 1987 exclusively to provide tailored insurance and pastoral support to veterinarians and the veterinary profession. Our focus is to ensure our members' interests are protected and promoted wherever possible – so they can focus on being the best they can be for their customers.

We do this primarily by providing Professional Liability insurance that has been developed by veterinarians, for veterinarians. This means our members can take comfort that VPIS insurance has their reality covered.

Our standard Professional Liability package provides the following cover that is tailored to deliver more protection for your money:


  • Professional Indemnity
    covers claims for your liability to someone arising from an actual or alleged breach of your professional duty as a veterinarian
  • Public Liability
    covers claims for your liability to someone arising from physical loss of damage to a person or their property during the course of operating your business
  • Statutory Liability
    covers claims for your liability arising from an actual or alleged breach of the law
  • Employers Liability
    covers claims for your legal liability to an employee arising from their employment


What makes VPIS insurance the best in market for veterinarians?

  • Our members get more than just insurance that's developed and delivered by their peers. They also get membership benefits including pastoral support, pre and post-loss risk and incident advice and education, and discretionary financial support
  • As a not-for-profit member society, any profits we make go back into the society to help us support you, when you need us
  • Although we're an independent incorporated society, we're big on partnerships working closely with the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ), for the mutual benefit of our members and the profession
  • And because we're veterinarians at heart, we leave the policy administration to Crombie Lockwood, so we can focus on helping our members when they need it most - at claim time.
Alpah Woolrich, CEO VPIS and Vince Peterson MNZM
Alpha Woolrich, CEO VPIS and Dr Vince Peterson MNZM
Vince was first elected to the VPIS Board in July 1994 and served as Board Chair from 1998-2016


Why our Board Members believe VPIS provides the best cover for our members



Interested in applying for VPIS Insurance Cover?

To apply for cover, you must be:

  • a registered Veterinarian
  • contracting to a Veterinary Practice
  • applying on behalf of a Veterinary Practice.

Therefore, we just need to confirm your eligibility before getting started.

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Need help?

If you want more information about VPIS Insurance, please either email our VPIS Broker, Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers here, or call direct on 03 339 5294.

To lodge a claim please email claims@vpis.org.nz

or call direct on 04 495 1143

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